Once Upon a Summer


This is a book that I read many years ago.  I found this particular author I believe while I was still in college.  I soon came upon this series of books and once again devoured each of the four books in this series.  I enjoyed watching the main character Josh as he grows up with a Grandfather, Great Uncle, and an aunt that is only a few years older than him to raise him.  His parents had been killed when he was quite young. His Aunt Lou has always been there for him and now he overhears his grandpa and Uncle Charlie discussing getting Lou married off.

From Amazon “Sure, it’s unusual to have an eighteen-year-old mother when you’re twelve. But when you’re an orphan and she’s your aunt–and the only mother you’ve ever known–well, it works out just fine.

That’s why I got so riled up when I heard Grandpa and Uncle Charlie talkin’ about findin’ a fella for Aunt Lou!

You see, somethin’ had to be done. I couldn’t just sit back and watch our family get broken up. But with Grandpa and Uncle Charlie workin’ so hard to marry off Aunt Lou, I really had my job cut out for me. Then that preacher came along, and things got really complicated…”


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