Honor Girl


I remember my mom reading books written by Grace Livingston Hill when I was a young child.  I am not for sure, but I think that maybe she had a subscription or something and would get one or two books a month.  At the time, I was really interested in reading them, but some how when I was in junior high I picked up mom’s copy of The Honor Girl.

The main character Elsie lives with her aunt, uncle and cousins and has for several years, ever since her mom died.  She has been given so much and lives in the lap of luxury.  After several years of this, she is actually embarrassed by her dad and two brothers. She only sees them when necessary and as little as possible.  One day she finds that she needs something that was left at her dad’s house on her last visit.  She figures out that she can run into the house, get the item, and leave before anyone even knows that she is there. As she enters the house and realizes that her room as been kept as a sanctuary, while the rest of the house has been left trashed that she has a change of heart and decides to do something nice for her dad and brothers.

From Amazon “Meet Elsie Hathaway, a girl on the cusp of adulthood in the 1920s, who begins to question the direction of her life when she compares the privileges she received being raised by her aunt to the struggles her widowed father and motherless brothers have had to endure in her absence. Then the words of a handsome stranger compel Elsie to make changes that will earn his respect. Can she find herself worthy of honor?”


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