Escape to Witch Mountain


I can’t remember how old I was, when I first found this book and read it. I know it was sometime when I was still in elementary school.  I went through a science fiction phase where everything I read was from that genre.  This quickly became a favorite book, that I would return to several times throughout my childhood years.

From Amazon “in the novel, Tony and Tia Malone are two teenagers, adopted by an elderly woman, and they live in a rough neighborhood. Because of their psychic abilities, they are targets of bullies and gangs. When their adoptive grandmother dies, they are placed in a detention home, Hackett House, run by a cold, granite-like matron, Mrs. Grindley, a former policewoman. They do not fare well at the home because of their ‘strangeness’ (Tia is unable to speak normally, although she can speak telepathically with Tony), and as this is the time of youth rebellion and the Vietnam war, suspicious behavior. When a mysterious, well-dressed stranger, Lucas Deranian, shows up claiming to be their uncle, the siblings realize that he is searching for something else. They succeed in escaping from Hackett House and enlist the help of a priest, Father O’Day, to discover their true origins.”

This is a favorite book from my childhood.  I would be more than happy to recommend this book to all students in upper elementary.  Even as an adult you may find it to be a fun, quick, read.


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