Normal life

The musical has ended, so we now return you to your normal life.

My daughter Kristen was in this year’s musical Cinderella.  The cast and crew started off nicely organized in December including a calendar for every day of January.  I loved this and was impressed.  However, that is when it ended.  Due to problems with the teacher/director, there wasn’t a calendar for the rest of the time, matter of fact there wasn’t much practice at all until about 3 weeks before opening night and then they took a week off for spring break.  Needless to say, this lead to a week of very late nights.  They would begin practice right after school ended (2:45) and wouldn’t be released until 8 or 8:30.  Then came Thursday -Sunday when the production and after activities would last until around 11:00.

Yesterday, it was so nice to have everyone home at a decent hour of the evening.  She is already trying to figure out how to play volleyball in the fall and be in the fall play.


2 thoughts on “Normal life

  1. Too bad that the calendar schedule did not get followed so that everything did not have to be crammed in the last three weeks. I know things get tense close to show time…but that is a lot to ask of students. Glad things are back to normal….but it looks like your daughter is active in school and will busy again next year!.


    1. It is more like the director dropped the ball and ended up getting fired, so there was no calendar and it was all crammed in at the end.
      Yes, she is busy and involved in a bunch of stuff.


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