All Washed Up by Joanna Campbell Slan



Let’s begin with a book that was just published a few short days ago,  All Washed Up by Joanna Campbell Slan.  This is the third book in a series that began in 2013.  The main character Cara Mia Delgatto was originally introduced in the Kiki Lowenstein mystery series by the same author.  Cara lived in St. Louis with her son until after her parents deaths. She then decides that she needs a change in life and decides to head to Florida.  Her son has enrolled at a school in Florida and Cara figures that she will pack up everything that they own, head to Florida, drop her son off for his freshman year and then find a place to live. By the time this book comes around she is well established in the community that her grandfather lives in and that her mom grew up in.  However, Cara is now known by the police department as a cadaver magnet. They say that she is better than any bloodhound.

From Amazon “Half-drowned immigrants. A dead store owner. An attempt on a woman’s life. Despite all this, shop owner Cara Mia Delgatto still tries to do what’s right by returning a vintage Lilly Pulitzer to its original owner. As a result, she risks everything– including her son’s life. With a plot echoing the weighty decisions of today, and a revelation that lays bare the intrigues our nation’s most exclusive town, All Washed Up is a fast-paced, clean read, that sparkles with a cast of strong women. As an amateur sleuth, Cara Mia proves her courage. As a woman friend, she’s without equal. And as a crime-solving granddaughter, she’s not afraid to back up her grandfather when he’s in a tight spot, because that’s what women do…we take care of those we love. In this third book in the series, Cara’s romantic problems come to a nasty head, while her relationship with her sister grows more toxic. But throughout all the drama, Cara proves herself to be a woman you can count on in a tough situation. Of course, you can also count on her to come up with yummy recipes and terrific ideas for recycling. ”

I look forward to each new story in this line.  Thankfully the author doesn’t disappoint, in between releases of her books, she gives the readers short stories to hold them over.

My first entry for the A-Z April Blog Challenge.



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