I Got Nothing

While I am really enjoying the week off, this week is not giving me anything to write about.  I love having the time to sleep in (when my cats allow me too).  I love being able to spend some time in my craft room. I love making some headway on cleaning out the basement and getting thing taken to the storage unit.  Maybe someday, I will actually get it clean enough to remodel it and turn it into a man cave for my husband.  I love having some extra time with my daughter.

Sometimes I think I could get used to not having to work and instead staying home every day, cleaning, and then playing with crafts or whatever, but then I remember how bored I am by the middle of July every summer. No, not yet to the point where retirement is looking good, but I can see how that will come in the near future.  My youngest is still in high school, so I have a few years before I can even consider it.

Of course, when I retire, my husband will probably also retire.  Now this could throw a wrench into the plan.  When he is home the routine is totally changed around.  Plus, I am not sure he could handle not working for 12 or more hours a day every day.  Good thing I have a few years to get this figured out.

2 thoughts on “I Got Nothing

  1. I love reading the many posts over this month of “I have nothing to write about today” …many of us find this situation…and yet we write anyway!!! That’s the spirit!!


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