Spring Break

Decided that the best way to get everything done that I want to this week, would be to make a  list of everything and then break it up by days.  Will probably add to my list but here it is. And know I can cross one item off of my list.  Today’s SOL entry.

Spring Break To Do List

  • Get over this cold/virus that has been hanging on way to long


  • Eye Exam 1:00
  • Kitchen Table cleaned off
  • Design Diva Challenge 1
  • Design Diva Challenge 2
  • Design Diva Challenge 3
  • Design Diva Challenge 4 (maybe, not sure if I have the stuff)
  • Grade 7 scrapbooks
  • 12 cards made
  • Sarah’s stuff to storage unit
  • SOL16


  • Grade 7 scrapbooks
  • 8 scrapbook pages
  • Old clothes to Goodwill
  • Cut up Celery for Sunday
  • Make small gift box for Kaitlyn
  • Trip to storage unit
  • SOL16


  • Grade 7 scrapbooks
  • 8 scrapbook pages
  • Trip to storage unit
  • Get out Good China and serving dishes for Easter
  • Make sure everything is clean for serving
  • SOL16


  • Grade 7 scrapbooks
  • 8 scrapbook pages
  • Trip to storage unit
  • Figure out what I still need to purchase for Easter
  • Church
  • SOL 16


  • Grade 7 scrapbooks
  • Pick up Sarah from college
  • Church Kristen sings
  • Shop for rest of Easter Supplies
  • SOL 16


  • Prep ham for Easter
  • Prepare Party Potatoes
  • Make Cheesecake
  • Set Table
  • Finish Grading Scrapbooks
  • SOL 16



6 thoughts on “Spring Break

  1. Wow! You have some solid plans. Spring Break starts today for me too. Today, my dog is having her teeth cleaned and I’m getting an oil change. The rest of the week is wide open with vague plans for reading & knitting.


  2. Am I to assume that in addition to your list you are cooking meals daily, cleaning occasionally, shopping, doing laundry, etc. Your list is formidable; with everything else it’s amazing that you can get it all done!


  3. Ah, Spring Break. I miss that. We only have Friday & Monday for Spring break, and that will be spent preparing for and recovering from Easter. I’m already secretly making a June to-do list with lots of reading and sleeping in.

    Enjoy your break!


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