Learning Systems

Several years ago when we went to a 1-1 system and all students 4th grade and up were given laptops we also started looking at different Learning Management Systems.  Most of us started using one system and for awhile I really liked that system, but then the honeymoon period wore off and I was finding more and more things I didn’t like.

Online quizzes allow students the ability to search for the answer instead of knowng the answer.  Of course, the students believe that they are just using their resources.  So I stopped using the quiz feature.

After I lost interest in this feature, I quickly started losing interest in this program altogether.  Now, my district has actually invested in an LMS that will allow us to do more online, and possibly even teach strictly online.  I have started attending the class sessions in order to learn more about this system with the goal of having, at least, the first unit for each of my classes up and running before the start of the next school year.

I can see so many benefits to this new system that I can’t wait to begin using it.  Am I sick?  No problem, the day’s assignment should already be online, I will just need to go in and publish it so that the students can see it.  Did a student miss class? No problem, just check the LMS to see what you missed, or better yet, complete the day’s work while you are at home.  Did you forget how to do the assignment?  No problem, the directions will be on the LMS program.

Using this program should also allow me to cut down on the amount of paper I need to keep track of.  Exit tickets can be done through the LMS, assignments turned in through this program, group collaborations done through this program.

Yes, I can tell that a little hard work this summer will pay off in the long run next fall.


5 thoughts on “Learning Systems

  1. How wonderful to have that level of technology available to your students. I have been developing PD using an LMS (Moodle). Just like use in the classroom, the possibilities are endless. Blended. Online 24/7. Flipped. Personalized feedback. Flexibility. Reduction/elimination of paper trails. And teachers can return for review, to revisited. Late-hire teachers and long-term subs can be easily brought on board. The challenge is keeping up in the fast moving current of tech-development without getting sucked into fads.


  2. I agree with Alice. Fads can kill educational technology quickly. And money. We have a dinosaur of an online textbook with a built-in LMS we can’t replace because “it was expensive.”

    Well, it takes my students 7 clicks from log-in page to the assignment for the day. 7 different pages to load. Too many clicks for a struggling learner to sustain. So, sorry expensive dinosaur, you’re not helping my students anymore.

    I’ve used several LMS products, and I enjoyed all of them. I do agree they all have disadvantages, too, though. And, while I’ve cut down on paper, some things just can’t be replicated well online. Plus, an offline day is nice once and a while, too.

    Good luck in your transition!


  3. As a technology coach I was immediately drawn to this post. 🙂 I just finished a conversation this afternoon (the topic of my slice for tomorrow) about tools like these and how we can get teachers invested in the tools. From what I can tell, you have a handle on your instruction and are seeing how using this LMS as a tool can make that instruction more effective and meaningful. We are still supporting our teachers towards that end. Good luck!!


  4. I feel your “pain”. Having devices available can be great but can also hinder learning. And it’s actually a pretty impressive thing that your 4th graders are so savvy as to look up the answers! While we don’t have 1-1, we use devices enough to find ourselves in a similar situation and have been moving more towards technology for backwards teaching. You are the future and your students will be so prepared!


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