Monday musings

  • Somehow getting up and ready to go on a Monday when I was on the go all weekend just seems so much harder.
  • Nothing like walking into my classroom and discovering that the room has been re-arranged by a group that was using it over the weekend and promised to put the rooms back together.  Hmm, not so much.
  • Emails from students parents regarding students inability to finish a project that was due a week ago.  Come on people your students are in  high school, encourage them to talk to the teacher on their own first.
  • Students that are a no show for their detention that is over a week old, because they had to keep rescheduling.  Time to take it to the office.
  • Students that refuse to ever work and are always telling you that they don’t have homework during their study hall.  Wondering why you even need to be in this class.
  • Recreating a document that you know you had and used last year, but can’t find it on the computer
  • Covering for the math teacher that gets to spend the day outside watching students run in a circle on a really beautiful day.

Maybe it would be much easier to jump into the work week, if we could kind of ease into it, instead of jumping in full force on a Monday morning.


5 thoughts on “Monday musings

  1. Definitely easing in would be a plus. I have experienced all the items on the list except the covering for a math teacher. Haha! I’ve never had to do that — on a Monday or any other day:)


  2. Oh my gosh, so much of this is similar to my day, especially the first two! I will say, this is the first year my parents haven’t been as overly involved as usual. Hallelujah! Good luck for the rest of the week. Hopefully you’re going on Spring Break soon. 🙂

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  3. I was frustrated when I heard that your room had been rearranged. Then I saw you have students whose parents are emailing in high school. Yikes! How’s that can I go when they get to college?

    I feel for you. It sounded like a rough Monday morning. I hope the rest of your week looks up.

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  4. Yep. This was a Mega Monday. Your list style really worked to create the drumming effect of and this thing and another thing and then that thing…
    I hope you have a restful evening. Read blogs, not emails!

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