Girl Time

One of my favorite hobbies is Scrapbooking and card making.  Since my oldest left for college, I have had a room to contain my supplies and work in.  Today, however I was scheduled to attend a fundraising crop for the preschool at my church.  In the past (before my room) I would always be very productive at crops.  Since I have had a room to play in, I have however discovered that I don’t get near as much completed during the day.  A 12 hour crop and all I managed to get done was 10 pages without pictures.

Now, I tend to get more socializing done than creating done at these crops.  Basically I seem to be willing to pay money to talk to people and eat food.  Lately I have been noticing how much I really grave girl time.  Time with other women and a chance to listen, to share, and to just connect with them.  I tend to get mad if one person shows up, because she can and will monopolize the entire conversation.  I have found that when this person shows up the rest of us come away feeling unsatisfied.  It is like we need equal time to share and not just spend the day listening to one person talk about their life the entire time.

What an important skill to be learned, the ability to not only share about your life, but also the ability to listen and encourage others to share.  It is important to make sure that it isn’t always a one sided conversation.  Now how do you go about teaching this important skill?



2 thoughts on “Girl Time

  1. Socialization is such a funny thing because I feel like with a plate too full of scheduled events you can feel stressed and overwhelmed yet in the moment of being engaged with good friends, food and conversation you can’t feel more complete.


  2. I sympathize with how you are feeling. Girl time is so important. As for the person monopolizing the conversation maybe someone can talk to her privately in a kind and gentle way. Hope things work out.


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