Blank Mind

Only the second day and I am not sure what I should be writing about.  Now I get it.  I have my students write every day for 10 minutes.  Sometimes they beg me for a topic.  Now I understand their frustration.  I do usually give my students a writing slide, one that gives the students a topic of the day or a trivial fact.  I decided to give this slide a try for myself today.  To today is Dr. Seuss day and the slide asks me which of his books are the best.  It has been a long time since I have ready any of his books, but what I remember is that they are so hard to read with all of the rhyming words. I have heard of people that have purchased the book Oh the Places You Will Go and then they get all teachers to sign this book without their child knowing about it and they give the book to their student when he or sh graduates.  I do think that this is a neat idea and wish I would have learned about it in time.  I will have to remember this when I become a grandmother.  This slide also has an interesting quote and today’s is

This slide also has an interesting quote and today’s is “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”  Dr. Seuss.  This sounds like good advice for anyone. I see so many students today that are afraid of being themselves and instead want to look just like and act just like everyone else.  If only they would worry about  being the best that they can be.

This slide also lists a trivial fact of the day and a vocabulary word of the day.  Yes, I have found that there is plenty to write about when using this slide.  As long as you take a few minutes to actually read the slide and then think about what the different elements on the slide are saying and how it applies to your life.  I do believe that I will continue to use these SWT slides on a daily basis.


3 thoughts on “Blank Mind

  1. I have found the more you practice living like a writer, the more the moments find you and the less you’ll depend on slides or prompts. You start to think “Oh, I could write about that!” a lot.

    Love Dr. Suess. My daughters are also celebrating Dr. Suess week at their schools this week – lots of fun things to do!


  2. Okay… You just inspired me to do a read aloud today with my high school students today. We read every day in class, but they still yearn to be read to.

    I have my students who struggle blog- any topic they know enough about to write about. It has been THE BEST teacher for my students – the planning, the research, the writing, the commenting. My own writing reminds me why it’s so hard.


  3. Thanks for sharing the idea about teachers signing Oh
    the Places You’ll Go. I am a grandmother with grandkids just starting school. This is an awesome idea I will start this year. Now I have to go buy nine copies of this book. I also love the quote. Really enjoyed your post.


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