Morning frustrations

Before leaving for school this morning I decided to quickly check my daughter’s grades as her school is on a trimester system and they took finals last week.  Finally, two of her classes had posted the finals and she hadn’t done well on either one.  When discussing this with her it sounded like she had actually tried to fail the classes. For the past few weeks, she has been repeatedly telling us that she isn’t smart enough to be in honors classes and it looks like she set out to prove it this time.  Now the problem remains, how to find out what is causing this change in her behavior.  You don’t go from straight A’s without trying to all of the sudden getting B’s and C’s.  Something is not right.  Is it something going on at her school, something with her friends, or just 16-year-old attitude?  Seems like this attitude showed up shortly after she passed her driving test and got her driver’s license.  Time to make some changes at home until the attitude is passed.  Oh, how I don’t like this 16-year-old attitude.  Survived it once and I know I will survive it again.


5 thoughts on “Morning frustrations

  1. Welcome to slicing! You linked up perfectly. 😊
    Reminds me of when people would remind me “Little people, little problems. Big people, big problems.” We always seem to be facing something with our kids!


  2. I teach middle school, and I am always mystified at kids who simply choose to not be successful. Still, if you’ve been through teenagers before, I’m quite sure you’ll make it through again! A driver’s license sounds like a really effective carrot and/or stick. Good luck!


  3. Welcome to our community of slicers. I can feel your frustration in dealing with a teenager. It’s been a long time since I’ve had to deal with that, but please know that this too shall pass. Keep the communication open to see what’s going on in her life. Don’t give up on her, she has a lot going for her and with your help she’ll succeed.


  4. You communicate well! I had forgotten the stress of parenting – and being parented. Challenges every where you look, but hope is there, as well. Oh, and deep breathing helps!!!!


  5. I sympathize with your attempts to sort out teen attitudes. A moving target at times.

    I like how directly you expressed your thoughts and feelings in this post. You made me think and wonder…

    Questions that came to me were along the lines of, does she want to be “normal”? Does she dislike the pressure? Do her teachers really connect with her or are they wrapped up in the competition?

    I hope you find ways to open the communication lines about this with your daughter.


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